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General Terms

The lessee receives the vehicle in perfect condition and suitable for the use for which it is leased with all relevant equipment and accompanying documents and must deliver them (vehicle, equipment and accompanying documents) in exactly the same condition as received.

Additional Riders / Users

The vehicle will be used only by the lessee and by the persons explicitly referred to in this contract (other user).

Riding Areas

The lessee –Other user is not allowed to ride the vehicle outside the island of Corfu.

Traffic Regulations

Vehicles must be used showing compliance with traffic rules and on the condition that the rider / user has prior scooter experience and the required driving license. The Lessee – Other User is also obliged not to ride the vehicle under the influence (drugs or alcohol). Finally, the lessee is solely responsible for any fines that will be incurred in case of traffic violations.

Road Rules

The lessee- Other User is obliged to ride the vehicle only on a public road network, without demonstrating hazardous driving behaviour (for example, participation in speed races and off-road riding) The lessee -Other user is obliged to make good use of the vehicle and lock the vehicle whenever it is left unattended.


The lessee is going to be charged for damages caused to the vehicle (for example, tyre damages, loss of mirrors) up to the amount of eur…. as well as for any accident or loss caused either by negligence or through the lessee’s fault.

Mechanical Difficulties / Accidents

In case of mechanical damage to the vehicle or accident, the lessee must inform the lessor immediately and the lessee is solely responsible for the damage caused either to the vehicle or a third person.

Early Drop - offs

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds if a scooter is dropped off early.

Cancellation Policy

We offer full refunds for customers up to 48 hours prior to pick-up. (No refunds are given for cancellations with less than 48-hour notice).